Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) for AHUs and Ducts

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Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) for AHUs and Ducts

New research states that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can remain infectious for up to three hours as it floats in aerosol droplets less than 5 microns. Hence, it is crucial to look for options beyond the standard disinfectants and sanitization.

It is a known fact that spores, mold, bacteria, fungus, and even viruses (including novel Coronavirus) can grow exponentially in HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). This can create an unhealthy environment on the premises as the air-conditioning ducts can transmit the virus, bacteria, and other pollutants. In such a scenario, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology for air purification is one of the most efficient ways to curb this transmission and disinfect the air and indoor spaces.

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recommends the following strategies of interest to address the challenges of disease transmission:

  • Dilution ventilation
  • Laminar and other in-room flow regimes
  • Differential room pressurization
  • Personalized ventilation
  • Source capture ventilation
  • Filtration (central or unitary)
  • UVGI (upper room, in-room, and in the air-stream)

UV disinfection is a proven method for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and for killing or deactivating bacteria, viruses, mold, spores, and other pathogenic microorganisms that may be present in room air. UV air sterilization has been used in hospitals and other medical facilities for decades. Several studies have proven that UVC air disinfection technology can even kill the novel Coronavirus.

UV disinfection of air technology is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. It is also considered a safe solution to eradicate airborne viruses and create a germ-free environment. UV air sterilization is also a better method than traditional cleaning and disinfection methods. Unlike chemical disinfectants, UVC air disinfection is non-toxic and has no adverse side effects.

UV disinfection offers the following benefits:

  • It is a versatile and faster solution for indoor air disinfection.
  • It physically kills the cells of pathogens and microorganisms due to its shorter wavelength.
  • It can even inactivate antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

With expertise spanning two decades, Alfaa UV’s UV disinfection for air for HVAC systems offers the much-needed protection to prevent bacterial and viral infections.

Air purification is important in an industrial environment. Industrial air purifiers remove dust, debris, smoke, airborne contaminants, and other infectious agents, and improve indoor air quality. Industrial air purifiers also protect the health of the employees and increase the longevity of machinery and equipment.

UVGI, which is incorporated into the HVAC system enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial air purification systems. UVGI uses UV-C light to destroy viruses, bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms.

Air purifiers for industrial use solutions from Alfaa UV can be deployed across food processing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and other industries. Alfaa UV solutions bring the following advantages:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces the risk of coronavirus
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Consumes less energy
  • Increases the lifespan of the air purifier unit
  • Eliminates foul odor
  • Enhances the productivity of staff


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How Alfaa UV’s UVGI Solutions Can help you Improve Air Quality and Fight COVID-19

Alfaa UV’s Ultra Coil and Ultra Duct UVGI systems use world-class UVC lamps and unmatched Reflector Technology with UL Certification to ensure that all air passing through the system is disinfected as it re-circulates in indoor spaces. The design ensures 100% exposure of the air to the UVC system. The UltraCoil UVGI system not only fights viruses to create safer spaces but also ensures cleaner cooling coils, resulting in greater efficiency and lower running and maintenance costs.



Due to humidity and hospitable environment microorganisms grows rapidly on cooling coils. These microorganisms produce sticky substances due to which a thick layer of dust sticks to the coil which results in poor heat transfer between coil and air. Poor heat transfer between coil and air leads to greater energy consumption.

Coil Inefficiency Due to Bio-Film

  • Bio-film has a heat transfer resistance four times that of scale
  • The reduction or elimination of Bio-film results in energy savings due to improved heat transfer

How Does UltraCOIL Save Energy?

Installing a proper UVGI system in front of the coil kills such microorganisms, and hence it does not allow a biofilm to grow. A clean coil decreases the pressure drop across the coil which results in the following:

  • Increase in the thermal efficiency (sensible loads) of the cooling coil
  • Decreasing the load on the chiller hence energy saving on the chiller by 10-15%
  • Reduction in microbial counts>15 %

Other benefits:

  • Increasing the life of the coil by avoiding manual cleaning
  • Earning IGBC point
  • Typical payback period of < 15 months
  • Helps Sars Covid Protection


Airborne transmission of diseases through HVAC systems is actually much more prevalent than previously thought. Hospital-acquired infections are costing healthcare providers Lakhs of Rupees per annum and whilst robust cleaning regimes have been adopted, the spread of Tuberculosis, Meningitis, MRSA, Clostridium difficile, Chickenpox, and Influenza (H1N1 and avian), including Aspergillus and Pseudomonas continue to grow. These infections affect between 10 and 20% of patients and in some cases are fatal.

Airborne contamination comes from a variety of sources and circulates through the HVAC system.


Benefits of UltraDUCT

  • Improves air quality
  • Helps to eliminate Poor Building Syndrome
  • Increases the life of HEPA filters
  • Helps to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Scientifically designed systems are sized using our proprietary sizing tools based on extensive research
  • Computational flow dynamics (CFD) and UV radiation profile modeling data.
  • Can target specific bacteria as per need
  • Scientifically engineered lamp positioning to provide optimum UV dose delivery and maximum kill rate
  • Helps Sars Covid Protection

Looking for a room sanitizer machine? Here’s presenting STERO-360, which is a new line of specialized UV Sterilizer machines that can eliminate more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contaminated surfaces within minutes.

STERO-360 UV sterilizer lamp device is highly efficient due to its mobility and compact size. Moreover, with its strong Power cords and internals, it has the capacity to run all day continuously. Only protective goggles, glass shields, and PPE are required to operate this portable UV room sterilizer, or else it can run on its own and can be scheduled & set up with a timer.

STERO-360 – Room and Surface UV Sanitizer


Benefits of UVGI Systems

SARS-CoV-2 Protection

UltraHVAC UVGI Systems are highly effective as they can eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses and kill up to 90% of certain airborne bacteria that pass through the air, thereby offering complete air sanitization.

Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Greatly improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and cures “Sick Building Syndrome” by destroying harmful airborne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and Coronaviruses.

Improves Productivity

By killing microbes and improving air quality, UV air disinfection systems can help boost productivity and reduce illness-related absenteeism.

Eliminates Odours

Reduces or eliminates unpleasant odors that may result from outside air or re-circulated air within the building.

Greater Savings

Air disinfection with UVC helps to maintain a clean evaporator coil, thus saving time and resources on coil cleaning. Using MERV filters in conjunction with in-duct UV systems can reduce the need for HEPA. This, in turn, can help enhance system efficiency and airflow.


UVGI System Application Areas

Hospitals and Laboratories

UltraCoil and UltraDuct UVGI systems destroy high levels of airborne contaminants, including COVID-19 and surface bio-contaminants. Infections Acquired in Hospitals (HAI) can be a significant cost for the healthcare industry and is considered a preventable injury. Ultra UVGI IAQ systems are the ideal tool to help reduce nosocomial infections.

Food Processing and Produce

Air quality and reducing the risk of surface contamination is important in the production & packaging of food products. UV Sterilization of both air and/or surfaces of product and packaging by UltraHVAC UVGI systems can dramatically reduce the possibility of contamination. In fruit/vegetable markets, it can extend the life of the produce by destroying the off-gassing (i.e. ethylene) which causes faster ageing.

Hotels and Food-Retail Chains

UV air disinfection systems help hotels and food retail chains to effortlessly meet the stringent disinfection and sanitization protocols required to ensure the safety of all customers within the premises. It is also an economical solution for these industries as it helps them save on energy as well as maintenance costs.

Shopping Malls and Retail Chains

Maintain a safe and comfortable indoor air quality in shopping malls and retail chains with UV for HVAC systems and reduce the potential transmission of COVID-19 within the building environment. It can also help limit the spread of other air contaminants that cause infectious & inflammatory diseases, thereby improving the customers’ shopping experience.

Commercial Spaces, IT Parks and Schools

A WHO report suggested up to 30% of new and remodelled buildings worldwide may be subjected to complaints related to poor indoor air quality, the leading cause of “Sick Building Syndrome.” According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality can directly affect the health of students, staff, employees, which in turn affect attendance and performance. Using UltraHVAC UV systems significantly improves air quality resulting in lower absenteeism and higher efficiency.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry

UVGI systems offer pharmaceutical and healthcare industry protection from harmful pathogens by deactivating airborne infectious agents. It helps curb infectious outbreaks and protects the health of building occupants. It is also effective in providing optimal protection for all processes from production to packaging.

Further reading: Industries and Workplaces That Would Benefit From the Use of Air Disinfection Systems

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FAQS – Air Disinfection Technology

How Do UV-C Air and Surface Disinfection Models Work?

UV-C Air and Surface Disinfection models contain one or more germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce ultraviolet wavelengths lethal to microorganisms. As the air passes through the UV-C purification device or the surface is exposed to germicidal UV light, the genetic material of microorganisms is deactivated, preventing them from reproducing and rendering them harmless.

What are applications for ultraviolet air disinfection?

Ultraviolet air duct disinfection fixtures can be used in two types of applications in HVAC equipment: treatment of the airstream or treatment of the surfaces within the air-handler. Coil Sterilization – to prevent mold and bacteria from building up on or around the coil and Air Sterilization – to kill microbes in the air.

Can UVGI in HVAC system curb COVID-19?

Yes, it can! As a proven method, UVGI can protect your building’s occupants from COVID-19 transmission if sized and installed correctly in the HVAC system. In order to get the best results, you need to consult with an expert like Alfaa UV to explore the different UVGI treatment options; UVGI in Air Handling Units (AHU) and UVGI in Ducting System. We can assess your current equipment and help you determine the best UVGI solution that will also alleviate the concern about UV radiation exposure.

What is the purpose of HVAC?

The main purpose of a Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system is to help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort.

How often should you clean your HVAC system?

To maintain acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ), it is commonly recommended that mold, fungi, dust and other contaminants be cleaned out of the HVAC system at regular intervals.

Though there is no official recommendation by EPA in their Indoor Air Quality report on how often you should clean your HVAC system, you should definitely get ducts cleaned if you see mold growing inside them, or if the ducts have become infested with insects or rodents. As a rule of thumb, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests cleaning your ducts every three to five years.

Do HVAC UV lights really work?

Yes, they are very effective if they are designed, installed & used properly. Ultraviolet (UV) lights for HVAC systems are commonly known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) systems. They target a very specific type of air contaminant, namely microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. The light affects only living microorganisms, meaning these systems can’t control dust, pollen, or other particles that aren’t alive.

How much does it cost to install a UV light in HVAC?

The cost would depend on the size of the HVAC & what is the target application being looked at, whether Coil Sterilization or Air Sterilization or both. Check with our application specialist.

What are the limitations to the use of germicidal ultraviolet for air and surface disinfection?

Germicidal ultraviolet does not penetrate through normal materials. Therefore, any surface or item that needs to be exposed to germicidal ultraviolet should have a direct uninterrupted path to the rays of the germicidal ultraviolet lamp.

Germicidal Ultraviolet rays cause harmful irritation to skin and eyes. Always wear protective clothing, gloves and eye shield (goggles, glasses, etc.) when working with direct ultraviolet radiation.

Can our existing HVAC system be retrofitted with UVGI systems?

Many of the above solutions can be retrofitted into existing AC systems, so please ask us for details! After serving your interests over many years, we now look forward to offering you what is much needed today: protection during these uncertain COVID-19 times.

Trust us, the UV Expert!

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