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Access to clean water is one of the most challenging environmental concerns we currently face. In highly developed metropolitan settings, centralized wastewater systems are the most frequently used and the most traditional method of resolving wastewater-related issues. They gather wastewater and transfer it over great distances to one or more treatment facilities using expansive pipeline networks (also known as sewerage).

An integrated process of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection are used in a centralized water treatment strategy to treat water. In order to reach even the most isolated towns, the treated water is piped to every community within the treatment plant’s service area. UV disinfection integrated with other technology, which involves using ultraviolet technology to disinfect water and remove any impurities therein, is a highly effective waste water treatment system. As mentioned before, the UV disinfection system utilizes ultraviolet lamps that may emit UV radiation at a particular wavelength. These lamps will emit UV light with a certain wavelength that will destroy the aquatic bacteria. Water will be passed through the UV treatment system while the disinfection process is running, ensuring that any micro-organisms discovered in the water will be exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

In order to meet the demands of all residential, commercial, and industrial users, a

in a city can process vast volumes of water at high rates. This technique, with incorporation of UV technology, has undergone rigorous testing and is capable of efficiently removing a variety of turbidity in raw water as well as harmful organisms like bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

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