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Access to clean drinking water is crucial for all, yet in many isolated and rural communities, the water is frequently contaminated with germs that cause sickness. Health risks have arisen as a result of this circumstance, particularly the spread of deadly diseases like polio, cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea, and typhoid. The general health and well-being of a society depend on a clean and convenient water supply. Although there are a number of traditional water purification methods available, a big population in rural areas of developing countries would find these systems unsuitable or too expensive.

Rural residents typically receive clean drinking water through water treatment facilities, which receive their raw water from dams or water that is pumped from rivers. Rivers and lakes are heavily contaminated, making the water unfit for human consumption. Many technologies are considered for water disinfection, UV disinfection system combined with RO purification is found to be the most appropriate to meet the requirements. Since UV technology is known to kill pathogens like viruses and bacteria, treating water with it could be an appealing alternative. They are powered by inexpensive UV lamps. Off-grid UV treatment systems are easier to set up and require less maintenance than conventional chemical treatment.

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Community Water Schemes

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Community Water Schemes

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