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Process Water Disinfection

Industrial water purification systems that use Ultraviolet light is proven to be a cost effective method for reducing microbial contamination in water. Like in the case of drinking water disinfection, UV is becoming increasingly common for disinfection, across a wide range of applications and industries:

  • Water recycling (recirculation loops)
  • Discharge water (a.k.a. Wastewater)
  • Cooling water
  • Rinse water

Contaminated Rinse water for consumable products can shorten product shelf life and creates the potential for human infection. For manufacturing processes, disinfection of water is extremely important. Thus, rinse water must be clean to ensure product quality and to protect equipment from aggressive impurities.

As water costs increase, Water recycling loops that utilize UV technology for water disinfection are a cost effective way to use water for multiple operations prior to discharge.

Microbial growth in Cooling water and the associated bio-film can shorten the life of equipment and cause costly down-time or chronic manufacturing issues.

Discharge water is becoming the focus of increased scrutiny from pollution control boards. It is for this reason Industrial wastewater disinfection is so critical. For many companies, it is absolutely necessary to disinfect discharge water and for this, UV is often the best option because it is reliable and does not create residual by-products.

The Alfaa UV Hiflo and APi Series are the perfect products to help you with your rinse water. The WWR series which includes the latest WWR UV disinfection system is a great solution for water recycling and reuse. Our compact design offers the most energy efficient solution for process water disinfection. Contact us today for more information.

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