Alfaa UV, (Ace Hygiene Products Pvt. Ltd.) is an ISO 9001 certified company. With close to two decades of experience, Alfaa UV is the undisputed leader and exporter of UV purification systems for Water (ranging from 100 LPH to 2,30,000 LPH) and Air (UV for coil cleaning and In-duct purification). Based in Mumbai, Alfaa UV has its own fully integrated manufacturing facility in Talegaon, Maharashtra and a pan India presence with sales and service offices across the country. Alfaa UV systems are also exported to over 15 countries around the world.

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UVGI Air Disinfection Systems

With more than two decades of experience in UV technology, Alfaa UV offers the latest, innovative UVGI solutions for surfaces, upper air, and HVAC applications. Having a safe indoor environment is the need of the hour to ensure the well-being of all. Thus, our advanced UVGI solutions are excellent for mitigating the risk of rapid infections within closed spaces as they help disinfect the air, which helps curb transmission.

UVGI for HVAC applications offered by Alfaa UV includes ULTRACOIL and ULTRADUCT UV air disinfection systems. Alfaa UV’s ULTRACOIL is an eco-friendly way of deep cleaning coils, featuring a unique Parabolic Reflector System that helps remove the bio-films, ensuring clean and safe indoor air. Likewise, Alfaa UV’s ULTRADUCT is installed in the supply or return ducts offering single pass disinfection of airborne bacteria and viruses.

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“We are pleased to mention that the Alfa UV water purificatin Systems working satisfactory as per our requirement and the water quality is meeting our highest standard. The after sales service is good and we are satisfied with the quick response”

B. Mahendra (Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd)



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Water Digest Award- Best Domestic water purifier in India Alfaa UV has been awarded the prestigious UNESCO Water Digest Award 2014-15 in the category "Best Domestic UV Water Purifier", for its products ewater and SPARKLE UV Water Purifiers.
Water Quality Association award Mrs Rajul Parikh, Director Sales and Marketing was awarded the prestigious International Award of Merit by the Water Quality Association USA for her contribution to the association’s international mission in India.
CMO Asia Product Design Excellence Award 2015 ewater 5 stage water purifier from Alfaa UV has been conferred with the DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARD 2015 by CMO Asia in Singapore.
Mrs Rajul Parikh Receives National Award For Marketing Excellence Rajul Parikh, co-founder and Director, Alfaa UV was recently honored amongst the “100 Most Influential leaders In Marketing” award ceremony organized by CMO Asia in Mumbai. Ms. Parikh was recognized and appreciated for her contribution to air and water purification using UV Technology.
ASHRAE Acrex Award of Excellence 2016 ASHRAE Acrex Award of Excellence 2016 for "Indoor Air Quality"
Acrex Award of Excellence 2017 Acrex Award of Excellence 2017 For Indoor Air Quality
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