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Alfaa UV’s wastewater treatment products are installed at sewage treatment plants to make the wastewater safe for non-potable reuse applications such as horticulture, gardening, toilet flushing, car washing, etc.

Our commitment to excellence is based on rigorous product testing and proven experience.

The advantages of Alfaa UV’s technology over other disinfectants, such as ozone and chlorine, include easy handling, environmentally safe operations, and lower operating costs. Alfaa UV systems are capable of disinfecting water to meet stringent targets such as those set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and as well as California's Title 22 Water Reuse Criteria.

Then, there is the environmental advantage. Reuse of water reduces the load on freshwater, thereby adhering to UN Sustainable Development Goal 6.

Also, UV, combined with other technologies, can remove colours and odours so that the wastewater can be reused in manufacturing processes and cooling towers.

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Unlock purity with Alfaa UV’s proven solutions

Alfaa UV’s market leadership is supported by our:

  • Two decades of experience in the wastewater space
  • Strong R&D capabilities
  • World class manufacturing facility in Talegaon, Maharashtra
  • State-of-the-art UV wastewater purification systems, which have been installed in India as well as in more than 15 other countries
  • Eco-friendly technology – our products use no chemicals in the cleaning process
  • Compliance assurance – our UV disinfection systems meet stringent regulations
  • Quality management standards, certified by ISO 9001

In fact, we have dominated the UV wastewater disinfection space since 2008, having installed more than 2,000 wastewater treatment products till date.

Why choose Alfaa UV for wastewater disinfection?

Installation Image

Alfaa UV Wastewater Disinfection Installation

UV technology for water disinfection has become a popular choice worldwide as an alternative to traditional chlorination. Some of the key benefits of UV technology for wastewater disinfection are:

  • Excellent performance: Centralised sewage treatment plants operated by civic bodies, or decentralized waste water treatment done at the point of collection, have very good outcomes with UV treatment in the tertiary stage to bring microbiological contamination to acceptable levels for reuse.
  • Easy handling: Chlorine disinfection creates operational and logistical hassles such as repeated procurement, storage, handling, dilution and mixing. It requires constant attention and supervision. UV wastewater disinfection system utilises no chemicals, works online and requires minimal supervision and maintenance.
  • Environmental safety: The uncontrolled release of chlorinated compounds into the environment has created a global environmental problem. Alfaa UV uses environmentally friendly UV technology for wastewater disinfection and industrial wastewater treatment. No chemicals are used during the disinfection process.
  • Operator safety: Leaks and spills of chlorine may lead to burns, permanent vision damage and lung damage. Both for wastewater disinfection and for industrial wastewater treatment, UV disinfection systems do not have any risks with handling, safety, flammability or explosion.
  • No harmful by-products: Trihalomethanes and other toxic chlorine by-products are known to cause cancer in humans. When used for gardening, reused wastewater along with these carcinogenic compounds make their way into the subsoil and water table. When this water is pumped through borewells and used for drinking, these carcinogens put you at risk. Moreover, chlorinated water with concentrations greater than 5 mg/l causes severe damage to most plants and as such should not be used for gardening and landscaping. UV wastewater disinfection is a natural, chemical-free process which produces no trihalomethanes or carcinogens.
  • Lower operating costs: Sodium Hypochlorite or “liquid chlorine” is expensive, with high running costs and associated handling costs. On the other hand, UV wastewater disinfection systems are cost-effective with payback periods of less than 2 years in most cases.

In addition, Alfaa UV offers the following specific advantages.

  • Best-in class expertise: Alfaa UV has been at the forefront of installing environmentally-friendly UV purification technology for the disinfection of air and water at some of India’s prominent companies, over the past two decades.
  • Quality assurance: Our design and manufacturing capabilities based on cutting-edge technologies have ensured excellent quality output for our clients.
  • Right sizing: UV disinfection solutions from Alfaa UV are customized for your specific requirements. We ensure that your UV systems are designed to function effectively, since incorrect sizing can decrease your UV system's efficacy and impact performance.
  • Regulatory compliance: Alfaa UV will enable you to meet the stringent regulatory requirements for wastewater reuse. We provide comprehensive documentation support for your audit processes.
  • Excellent service: Alfaa UV offers robust customer support and service to ensure that your UV disinfection systems are operating effectively and consistently with minimum downtime. Whether you need phone support, need on-site maintenance expert site, or just want to acquire a replacement part, we are always there for you.

Alfaa UV’s excellence in wastewater treatment

wastewater treatment

WWR Series

Alfaa UV Disinfection System

How Alfaa UV addressed wastewater disinfection challenges at NCR mall

Alfaa UV has successfully implemented its wastewater disinfection solution at one of the most prominent malls in NCR. Spread over 3 levels and spanning across a total area of 260,000 square feet, this was one of the first malls to open in NCR.

The mall had a 300 KLD sewage treatment plant (STP) of the extended aeration type. The treated water was being used for landscaping and cooling tower makeup.

The mall was facing the following challenges with their existing wastewater disinfection system:

  • Problems with supply of Sodium Hypochlorite including quality, delivery and price
  • Need for constant supervision (NaOCl level, NaOCl dilution, dosing pump setting and maintenance)
  • Chlorine byproducts and residuals causing corrosion and smell in cooling tower system
  • Challenges with achieving the pathogen count as required
  • Heavy dependence on skill of system operator
  • Difficulty in monitoring disinfection system performance and efficacy
  • High cost of operating the system

Alfaa UV successfully installed its WWR series to handle the wastewater disinfection for the mall. The results were significant.

  • Very good performance with pathogen count within acceptable limits for reuse of water
  • Environmental friendly UV system with no chemicals used in the disinfection process
  • No more challenges with supplies of chlorine
  • No dependence on highly skilled operators
  • Easy handling with a reduced requirement of supervision and maintenance
  • Continuous 24x7 online monitoring system with audio-visual alarm
  • Better cooling tower system performance with no corrosion problem
  • Lower operating costs

Real-time remote performance monitoring of wastewater disinfection systems

Installation Image

Real-Time Monitoring

Alfaa UV is in the process of launching IOT-based remote monitoring of UV disinfection systems. IOT-based remote performance monitoring will deliver multiple benefits to Alfaa UV’s customers including:

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Control: Continuous monitoring of important parameters such as UV intensity and dosage which determine the purity levels of the treated wastewater
  • Alerts: Immediate alerts in case of system malfunctions or when above parameters deviate from the set norms
  • Predictive Maintenance: Predict when the system requires maintenance, helping to prevent unexpected downtimes
  • Safety: In case of a critical failure, the system can be shut down remotely to prevent any safety incidents or damage to the system, thereby saving costs in repair and maintenance.
  • Remote Troubleshooting: Alfaa UV engineers can diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely, reducing downtime and operational costs.
  • Record Keeping: Remote logging maintains a secure and easily accessible database of operational data to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Transparency: Sharing performance dashboards with the community and regulatory authorities will build trust and support by demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of the treatment process.

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

B2B Client Experiences: Discover Alfaa UV in their own words.

We are pleased to mention that the Alfaa UV System is working satisfactory as per our requirement and the water quality is meeting our highest standard. The after sales service is good and we are satisfied with the quick response

B. Mahendra, Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd

We are happy with Alfaa UV Products and satisfied with the quality of after sales service which both quick and reliable.

Alchem International Ltd

They(Alfaa UV) have successfully completed the job as and when required. We find their services prompt and satisfactory

Ajit Kadam, Johnson & Johnson Limited

We have found the online failsafe UV monitoring facility on these units to be especially useful as they immediately alert our staff of any problem with the system. The systems have been validated and the water found to meet our strict criteria

Aziz Wagh, Cipla Ltd

We wish to certify that we are using Alfaa make UV system along with the Intensity Monitor in our Water Treatment plant from last 10 years. The Alfaa treated water is required to manufacture our paints products

Harish Deshpande, Asian Paints Limited

We are using the Alfaa UV Water Purification System for our centralized drinking water application in our Paints making

Praveen Mishra, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

We are using the Alfaa UV water purification system in our RO & bollte washer since 7 years. The benefits we found with opting for the Alfaa UV were failsafe online validation using UV Intensity Monitor and prompt after sales service

Dipti Pitkar, Pepsico (I) Holding Pvt Ltd

We are using the Alfaa UV Water Purification Systme for our centralized drinking water application in our Purified water plants since 7 years.

Wockhardt Limited

We are using Alfaa Water Purifiers since last 6 year and we are satisfied with their quality of after sales services.

Dhammadip Dhoble, Asian Hearts Institute

We are are pleased to mention that the Alfaa UV system is working satisfactory and meeting quality norms of Bisleri International Pvt Ltd.

Swapna Bhatkar, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd

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