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Drikning water solution for Hotels and food retailsRestaurants and Food Services are places where customers experience hospitality services along with the food. Restaurants and Food Services try their best to provide the best customer experience. They are main reasons why customers visit the outlet regularly. It is very important for restaurants to maintain proper hygiene along with providing the best tasting food each time, to maintain loyalty and regularity amongst its customers. Quality and taste of water served at the restaurants, and water used in the preparation of food plays very import role in enhancing customer experience. Every hotelier tries to provide clean and healthy water to its customers. Besides water safety, they need to maintain a standard taste across water coolers, cold-drink fountains, & tea-coffee vending machines.

Hard water can be a big issue at some of these outlets. Hard water contains a significant quantity of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. In general, hard water is difficult to consume because of its taste which stems from dissolved minerals and other impurities. In cases of high concentrations of minerals and dissolved impurities, Alfaa’s RO and water softener units help to reduce total dissolved solvents(TDS), and enhance the taste of water.

Alfaa’s UV + RO purification systems are extensively used in Restaurants and Food Services in their various formats, besides warehouses and offices, to address the huge cost of bottled water. Today, Alfaa has become the preferred vendor with leading national and international food/retail brands due to its commitment to purity, understanding of water conditions, and timely service response.

Alfaa UV+ RO water purification systems are installed in over 500 locations pan India. Alfaa’s systems are used in:

  • Water coolers
  • Cold-drink fountains
  • Washing of vegetables and meat
  • Food preparation
  • Ice cube making
  • Tea/ coffee vending units
  • Preparing beverages

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Restaurants and Food Services

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