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Alfaa UV is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of an array of UV Water Treatment Systems, Air Treatment Systems, Water Purifiers and Spare Parts. This product line is made with graded materials and superior components. Additionally, under the direction of the experts, our quality range can be modified to ensure that these are appropriate for a variety of industry and commercial applications. Whether you need phone support, need on-site maintenance expert site, or just want to acquire a replacement part, we’re here for you.


Regular preventative maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan and keep your UV system running smoothly, preventing unanticipated problems and letting you budget for maintenance expenditures. Certified service technicians assist our installation base for industrial UV systems. You can trust that our team of qualified service experts will assist keep your UV system operating safely, effectively, and in line with your treatment objectives because they have received extensive training in all facets of UV system operation. Genuine bulbs, drivers, and UV sensors are covered by extensive warranties from us. In addition to serving as a manufacturer, we also provide numerous other services to both current and potential clients. We offer engineering support throughout the project design phase by ensuring that each UV system is appropriately suited for the application and by supplying precise, site-specific CAD drawings illustrating the positioning of the new equipment within the treatment plant.



 Service technicians with the appropriate credentials assist our municipal UV system installation base. With extensive training in all facets of UV system operation, our team of qualified service experts can help you keep your system operating effectively and consistently to achieve your objectives. After we assess the operation and performance of your UV system, you will receive a detailed report. Drinking water treatment facilities must regularly check reference sensors to ensure that the proper UV dose is being delivered in order to maintain their permits. When necessary, we may arrange for sensors to be sent to our on-site laboratory for calibration tests and handle sensor checks for you.



Water purifiers, both UV and RO need regular maintenance to keep them working in good trouble-free condition. Germs, being microscopic in nature, go unnoticed and can cause serious health issues. Therefore, regular cleaning and replacement of essential parts and consumables such as UV lamps, filter cartridges and membranes, are a must for the well-being of both the purifier and the user.

Alfaa offers a range of service options: from comprehensive and non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts, to service and spares replacement on a chargeable basis.

Alfaa’s highly trained service staff use genuine Alfaa spares to keep your purifiers running smoothly and trouble free.



Regular maintenance of your Alfaa Water Purifier will ensure optimal performance and output for years to come. Timely replacement of critical spares and consumables such as UV lamps, filter cartridges, and membranes is crucial for smooth uninterrupted performance.

At Alfaa we offer comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) to keep your purifier running trouble free. Alternately, service and spares on a charge basis is also offered. the combination of our highly trained service technicians and genuine spare parts used in service, has ensured tremendous customer loyalty over the past two decades.


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