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STERO-360 – Room and Surface UV Sanitizer

Looking for a room sanitizer machine? Here’s presenting STERO-360, which is a new line of specialized UV Sterilizer machines that can eliminate more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on contaminated surfaces within minutes.

About the STERO-360: Mobile UV Room Sterilizer

  • This UV sanitizer machine is a High-performance mobile UV sanitizer with 6 high-intensity UL certified UVGI emitters(Ozone free).
  • High efficiency energy distribution system to increase the irradiated UV dose on target by >100%.
  • This ultraviolet sanitizer machine comes with pre-set functionality which ensures that the device is placed in an ideal location in the room every time.
  • This UV room sterilizer also eliminates operator error, which is critical for effective sanitation.
  • The STERO-360 Machine is safe, controlled by any Wi-Fi enabled smart device and its easy to use interface makes selecting the right disinfection cycle, always an easy one.
  • This UV sterilizer machine is also equipped with Realtime performance validation with NIST/ US FDA approved PRISM technology-ensures complete sanitation every single time.

STERO-360 Mobile UV Disinfection Tower: Safety and Portability

STERO-360 UV sterilizer lamp device is highly efficient due to its mobility and compact size. Moreover, with its strong Power cords and internals, it has the capacity to run all day continuously. Only protective goggles, glass shields, and PPE are required to operate this portable UV room sterilizer or else it can run on its own and can be scheduled & set up with a timer.

Advantages of STERO-360 UV Room Sterilizer

  • This UV sterilizing machine comes with an automated UV blaster disinfection system that requires minimal human intervention
  • This mobile sanitizer machine is also easy to install, operate, and handle. So any level of staff members can operate this sterilizer machine for sanitization.
  • This mobile UV disinfection tower/machine is of a convenient size and can be easily moved around from one room to another.
  • With this portable UV disinfection tower, the surface disinfection happens without any direct touching of objects, which ensures fewer chances of the machine being contaminated in any way.

UV Sterilizer Lamp Technology

  • Long lamp technology helps in better coverage of sterilization. The 360-degree coverage through UV radiation ensures the least shadow areas i.e. areas where you cannot reach through any usual cleaning mechanism, inside wardrobes, through walls, corners can be sanitized easily.
  • Performance statistics are stored per cycle of usage. This includes information about the number of pathogens and harmful microorganisms depleted, the types, the observations pertaining to the same, alongside other technical and biological details. This will help in monitoring, the frequency at which the sterilization is required for each area.
  • Unlike conventional UV disinfection units, The STERO-360 portable UV sanitizer system employs high-intensity UV-C towers to efficiently deactivate pathogens without having to reposition the U.V. system.

Applications of STERO-360 UV Room Sterilizer Machine

We assure you efficient sterilization with this wonderful life-saving entity. The applications of this portable UV disinfection tower include offices and meeting rooms, Factories & Warehouses, Restaurants, Hotels, Pantries, Washrooms, Meeting Rooms, Gymnasiums, Hospitals and Nursing home, Quarantine centers.

If you are searching for room sanitizer machine that includes UV light for room disinfection, then STERO-360 mobile sterilizer is just what you need.


How UV Light Disinfects?

Ultraviolet Lamp radiation of 254 nm wavelength must hit the microorganism to inactivate it, and each microorganism must absorb a specific amount of energy (dosage) to be destroyed.

Proteins and nucleic acid, which all microorganisms contain as their main constituents, absorb UV radiation energy. After absorption, the UV energy destroys or inactivates the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), thus preventing the microorganisms from reproducing.

Can UV light kill COVID-19?

Ultraviolet C radiation inactivates Coronavirus, but Caution is required.

When designed and used appropriately, ultraviolet radiation is very effective at killing or deactivating all pathogens.

However, it can also cause harm to humans, so care must be taken when using UV technologies from companies racing to the market in a bid to help mitigate the new coronavirus. It’s safer to deal with companies who are experts in UV technology.

Can UV be used for disinfection of hands or human body against the coronavirus?

Ultra-violet (UV) sterilizer lamps should not be used to disinfect hands or other areas of your skin.UV radiation can cause skin irritation and damage your eyes. Cleaning your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or washing your hands with soap and water are the most effective ways to remove the virus.

Image Source: WHO (World Health Organization

Is the Design of an UV disinfection System easy?

Contrary to popular belief that UV technology is just placing a UV lamp in an enclosure/vessel and allowing air/water through it for disinfection to occur and can be done easily by any company; it should be understood that UV technology is a very complex subject. It requires experts in the field to be able to design efficient, reliable, fail-safe and aesthetic UV disinfection equipment.

The design of the Alfaa UV Systems is based on the following considerations: Safety, Efficacy, Quality, Consistency, Ease of Maintenance, User Friendly, and Aesthetics.

How long does a UV sterilizer take to work?

The UV sterilizer machine takes about 30 seconds to stabilize, following which the disinfection process begins instantly.

Do UV sterilizers kill beneficial bacteria?

UV disinfection is not a selective disinfection technology. It disinfects all micro-organisms in the dose range provided. Different organisms have different dose relations. Normally, beneficial bacteria have dose requirements which are high and may not normally be provided.

How do you check if UV light is working?

You can check if the UV sanitizer machine is working with a UV monitor which exclusively measures the 254 nm ultraviolet range.

How are UV room disinfection devices regulated?

Currently, there is no regulator to review or approve the performance of UV room sanitizer devices before they are sold. Careful evaluation of the manufacturer is necessary to ensure that you are not cheated to buy a mobile sterilizer system that does not offer what it is supposed to deliver.

How is the performance of a UV disinfection device determined?

The performance of the UV disinfection device is normally done through tests conducted in microbiology labs. Here, the rate-of-kill is measured for various organisms & environmental effectiveness tests, where rooms are swabbed before and after UV treatment to find out the effectiveness & its performance.

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