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Fighting COVID 19 – UV Sterilizer for Hospital Rooms, Factories, and Offices

Posted on April 8, 2020 Fighting COVID 19 – UV Sterilizer for Hospital Rooms, Factories, and Offices


Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has affected millions at the global level, everybody around is more afraid to breathe or touch anything. Even if we use sanitizers and clean every surface with disinfectants multiple times a day, we are still uncertain if we have done enough to prevent contamination from spreading to anything that we, even remotely, come in contact with.

The major necessity is to be able to overpower the threat posed by what we cannot see and sometimes cannot diagnose or treat either. The microorganisms invisible to naked eyes can cause damage to an unimaginable extent in many cases. If we take the example of the ongoing pandemic for COVID-19, an unfortunate and alarming count of more than 1.5 million confirmed cases of patients has petrified the masses across the globe.



What we cannot see is more dangerous than the scope of visible hazards – the thought itself makes every individual mindful of how vulnerable one actually is. Any place where a person can meet another person poses a risk. Fabrics, metal surfaces, and every other normal-looking object around us that we come in contact with, could be hazardous, even after rigorous cleaning or disinfecting. Extensive researches confirm that the life of a virus and bacteria are much more than can be imagined, ranging between 12 hours and in some cases up to days.

For example, the hospital houses innumerable patients, treating different kinds of ailments. If someone is unwell, anything the person touches poses a risk for another person. Disinfecting and sterilizing each individual element to protect the doctors, nurses, staff members and even the other patients or their visitors, is extremely crucial. When a patient is treated, the room of diagnosis, the pathology lab, the bed, the instruments, the chair, the curtains, and everything the patient might have come in contact with, needs to be absolutely bacteria-free – during as well as after a patient is treated.


Manual cleaning, no matter how industriously done, cannot ensure exhaustive and complete disinfection against all pathogens and germs. Some microorganisms are resistant to most forms of treatment, so if someone touches any surface which is not disinfected properly, unknowingly the chain of infection could be larger than can be managed. We need something more potent and powerful which can treat the wider spectrum of pathogens and microorganisms and help lessen the worries about what we come in contact with. As manual cleaning effectively cleans less than 50 percent of surfaces to help combat hospital-acquired infections, hospitals are looking to innovative technologies.

The challenges


ALFAA UV has introduced a new line of specialized UV mobile Sterilizer Machines called STERO-360 which uses the best of UV technologies combined to sterilize any given room within minutes and remove the dread of the unnoticeable scope of microorganisms. UV rays have been used for many years to disinfect and sanitize surfaces which could possibly house a huge number of infectious pathogens and germs, even while seeming to be squeaky clean. While UV A and UV B rays can still be survived, sterilization techniques using UV C rays kill every harmful microorganism it beams on, within a flash. No matter how minute the size or how potent the pathogen, UV sterilizers can diminish the threat microorganisms pose within a room in a matter of seconds.

stero-360 sanitizer


STERO-360 Automated UV Room Sterilizers are helpful in many ways.

1.  Automated disinfection system with minimal human intervention.

2.  The mobile machines are of a convenient size and easily portable from one room to another.

3.  They are easy to install, operate and handle, so any level of staff members can operate the machine for sanitization.

4.  The surface disinfection happens without any direct touching of objects, which ensures less chances of the machine being contaminated in any way. It is very risky to have a malfunctioning machine which is entrusted the responsibility of purifying the environment for a huge number of people.

5.  Long lamp technology helps in better coverage of sterilization. The 360o degree coverage through UV radiation ensures least shadow areas i.e. areas where you cannot reach through any usual cleaning mechanism, inside wardrobes, corners, inside and under any equipment.

6.  This UV application is easy and innate touch screen mechanism helps in better operability.

7.  Performance statistics are stored per cycle of usage. This includes information about the number of pathogens and harmful microorganisms depleted, the types, the observations pertaining to the same, alongside other technical and biological details. This helps in monitoring the frequency at which the sterilization is required for each area, – which areas require more frequent and stronger sanitization,  overall time and potency required in each area, etc.


STERO-360Room Sterilizers are equipped with high powered UV Lamps that emit UV-C rays for a certain time and with the help of its moving wheels ventures all across the room, dorms, washrooms and makes sure all the zones and sections of the rooms are sanitized.

Unlike conventional UV disinfection units, The STERO-360Room Sterilizersystem employs high-intensity UVC towers to efficiently deactivate pathogens without having to reposition the U.V. system.

The training and operating process are simple and intuitive so you don’t need a large number of human resources to handle, use and maintain this device. The learning curve of this machine is as easy as learning to use an App on a phone.


1.  Prior to disinfection, make sure the room is vacant while placing the floor indoor signs, signalling that a disinfection cycle is in progress.

2.  Prepare the room for U.V. disinfection by lifting the bed. Frequently used items can be placed near the disinfection system so the U.V. rays can irradiate their surfaces. Tubing, monitors, remote controls and tables can be placed close to the U.V. disinfection system.

3.  The Machine is activated by switching the plug on and the Operator leaves the room.

4.  The room which needs to be sterilized is evacuated.

5.  The UV Sanitization takes place for the specified contact time.

6.  The UV Sanitization cycle ends.

7.  Microbiologists or the respective administrator enters the room and brings out the machine

8.  The machine is safe, controlled by any Wi-Fi enabled, smart device with easy to use interface making selection of the right disinfection cycle an easy one.

9.  The Machine is also equipped with an onboard data logger, allowing each disinfection cycle to be recorded.

How the stero 360 uv room sterilizer works


A single device is sufficient due to its light-weight and small size, moreover with its strong power cords and internals it has the capacity to run continuously all day. Protective goggles and glass shields are the only essentials required during operation, else it can run on its own and can be scheduled and set up with a timer.

STERO-360 Automated UV Room Sterilizers are extremely in demand at this juncture when innovative measures are required to fill the gaps to be able to handle and tackle this calamity of the highest order while also maintaining the strict guidelines imparted by the ICMR/ CDC.

Alfaa UV assures to pivot the usage and credibility of this wonderful life-saving entity into hospitals and nursing homes, quarantine and isolation centres and hope to ease the burden from the shoulders of our brave and heroic medical staff and practitioners in the war against COVID-19.

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