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VillaPure Whole House Pure Water Systems are fully automatic, premium water purification systems that ensure SOFT & SAFE drinking water on every tap in your villa / bungalow. Alfaa ‘VillaPure’ Systems come pre-assembled, prewired and tested, with minimum installation / set up time. Each VillaPure Whole House Pure Water System includes:

Dual Media Filtration – Softening Plant – Kitchen RO System — UV Protection –

Alfaa, leaders in Water Purification Solutions introduces ‘VillaPure’ Whole House Pure Water Systems to tackle the problems relating to Ground/Hard water which contains a significant quantity of turbidity, dissolved minerals, and other chemical contaminants leading to issue of Bathing, Washing, Staining, Corrosion and besides huge electricity bills.


  • Soft & Safe water on every tap in your home
  • 100% purified water for cooking and drinking
  • Pleasurable bathing protecting hair and skin
  • Protection from scaling and corrosion
  • Prevents ugly laundry stains
  • Hassle free fully automatic operation
  • Plug in Plug out module for easy and quick installation
  • Assurance of Alfaa’s trusted service backup
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