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UV or RO Water Purifier?

When it comes to selecting a water purifier for home use or for commercial usage, there is always a confusion as to which technology is the best – RO or UV. However, to make a well-informed choice you need to, first, understand the difference between Groundwater and surface water. It is only when you understand the difference between these two types of water would you be able to pick a right water filter based on your needs.

Ground water (water for bore wells, tube wells) typically has high TDS unlike surface waters (water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds), which have low TDS but may contain suspended and microbiological impurities. Groundwater with high TDS can be effectively treated with reverse osmosis water filtration system a.k.a the RO water purifier while surface waters can use a well-designed 3 stage UV water purifier system for effective purification.

Once you determine the type of water, it becomes easier to make a choice and ensures that you pick the best RO water purifier or UV system based on your specific requirements. One can’t stress enough on the importance of drinking clean and purified water in order to stay away from harmful diseases. Also, the health benefits of drinking water that are devoid of all contaminants are numerous and as such, it is important to do your research before picking a water purifier.

Water purification systems, be it RO water purifiers or UV based purifiers, is a cost-effective and best solution for treating the ever-present impurities and harmful contaminants present in the tap water. By installing a UV or RO water purifier for home and commercial use, you would also be able to eliminate the risk of serious illnesses in the long-run, thus keeping your family and staff safe, healthy and protected from life-threatening ailments.

Apart from the type of water, another consideration is the quality of water, i.e. its TDS level. This is one of the other things to look for when buying a water purifier.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS):
TDS is composed of inorganic salts & small amounts of organic substances which are dissolved in water. For example, an excess of calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium salts in water make it hard. These organic matters while being naturally present in water can damage your health if consumed more than the acceptable level and it is for this reason that one needs a robust UV or RO water purifier.

As water from diverse sources like rivers, lakes, waterfalls, wells etc travels through the land or ground it picks up sediments, minerals, salts deposits and other by-products that get dissolved in water, making it unhealthy for consumption without treatment. These dissolved solids in drinking water can be organic as well as inorganic. However, they can also include radioactive and microbial contaminants.

Apart from heavy metals, chemicals and minerals, water can also be contaminated with human waste materials and other bacteria and viruses. Mostly, one of the easiest ways to identify if a water contains high TDS is to check whether the taste of the water is salty or metallic or if it exudes repugnant odours.

Safe levels of TDS for a human body is under 500 PPM(this can be checked with a simple TDS meter). If TDS is above 500 PPM, then there is a need to use RO water purifier to bring the levels down, to safer levels. High levels of TDS over prolonged periods (several years)may create health problems such as gall bladder and kidney stones. On the contrary, it’s important to know that drinking water devoid of any TDS and mineral content is also harmful to the body and creates health issues in the long run.

National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) Take on RO Purifiers

RO water purifiers have become the preferred water purifier in households today, thanks to aggressive advertising campaigns, and varying levels of TDS in water throughout the country. In response to a petition filed by an NGO called “FRIENDS” in Delhi, the NGT has ruled that in light of wastage of water by RO technology and adverse health effects of drinking water with a low TDS devoid of certain essential minerals, RO water purifiers be banned in areas where the TDS of water is below 500 mg/liter. Hence, the National Green Tribunal has directed the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) to issue a notification banning RO purifiers where total dissolved solids (TDS) in water are below 500 milligrams per liter. The matter is currently sub judice and no final legislation has yet been passed to this effect.

At Alfaa, we have always maintained that water with TDS of less than 500 mg/liter be further tested for dissolved pollutants before a RO water purifier be used, and only if it is warranted should RO be used for water with TDS under 500 mg/liter. Instead of low TDS water, UV purifiers are more environmentally friendly, while ensuring purity and safety of drinking water, without any wastage of water.

Now, based on the TDS level, you can either choose a reverse osmosis water purifier or a UV water purifier. For those who need a UV water purifier check out this Ewater – UV home water purifier offered by Alfaa UV. And for those who need an RO water purifier, read below to know about the benefits offered by the Dewdrop RO water purifier.

Reverse osmosis water purifier is by far the best technology that is able to remove 90-99% of dissolved solids from water. It does this by making use of a synthetic RO membrane which contains microscopic pores that allow only water molecules to pass through rejecting all dissolved metals and salts. Most RO water purifier comes with pre-filters that not only removes harmful solids from water but also protects the membrane from fouling.

Alfaa Dewdrop 7 stage RO water purifier is a complete water purification solution for a household. Its high rejection rate ensures that any toxic substance or minerals are discarded right away providing you with purified and healthy water that will helps boost the overall good health for your entire family. The Dewdrop RO water purifier is also easy to install & maintain and is ISI certified which further guarantees its durability and authenticity. To why Alfaa Dewdrop RO water purifier is the best RO purifier on the market, take a look at the benefits below.

Benefits of Dewdrop  RO Water Purifier 

  • This unique RO water purifier comes with optional SS UV + TDS Control.
  • It is a fully automatic Counter Top/Wall mount RO water purifier.
  • Automatic membrane ‘Flush & Wash’ facility.
  • This RO water purifier also provides automatic membrane ‘Flush & Wash’ facility.
  • It easily removes hardness, heavy metal contaminants, pesticides & micro-organisms from the water.
  • Free water test, demonstration & installation is offered with this RO water purifier.
Member of Water Quality Association - India       

Dewdrop RO Water Purifier Product Specification

Model Alfaa Dewdrop 15 LPHRO with optional SSUV
Type on-Line Fully Autometic Counter Top/Wall mount RO water purifier with Flush & Wash facility & TDS control
Storage Tank Capacity 8 litres
Production Capacity 15 litre/hour
Duty Cycle 5 Hours or 75 LPD
% Recovery 25-30%
Dimension (WxDxH) 300mmx250mmx410mm
Power 24 Watts
Minimum Pressure 0.2Kg/cm2
Max Pressure 3Kg/cm2
% reduction in TDS 90-95%
Operating Voltage 170-230 VAC 50Hz
Maximum TDS in Input Water subject to hardness being less than 440ppm 1500 ppm
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