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Maintaining a hygienic environment at commercial establishments like hospitals, educational institutes, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls & others is extremely important for the health of many – customers & staff alike. Offering pure and clean drinking water devoid of all micro-organisms and chemicals is an important & a basic amenity that needs to be provided at all these facilities. Thus, if you want to run a successful business enterprise then this is one factor that you can’t overlook.

Moreover, when one looks at the benefits of commercial RO water purifiers that can be availed by commercial establishments it makes all the more sense to invest in it. Additionally, commercial RO water systems are the best technology to use when the TDS level is greater than 500 ppm as it helps to improve the taste of water by removing dissolved impurities, thus protecting individuals from serious health issues.

Purchasing water purifiers for commercial purposes seems to be more of a norm nowadays rather than an exception. As such, to ensure the optimal health and to make pure drinking water that is clean & taste better available to all – general public and employees one needs to seriously consider installing a commercial UV and RO water purifier in their establishment.

An establishment that takes active measures to provide easy access to safe and pure drinking water is known to enhance customer’s experience as well as is able to build trust for its brand. Hence, if you run a commercial business then installing a commercial water filtration system is extremely imperative. A commercial water purifier will ensure that there is no bacteria, dangerous chemicals, corrosive salts or metals in the water. In addition, commercial water filters will also help tackle hard water problems and assist in improving the taste of the water.

With the rise in the awareness of how high TDS level in water can invariably affect the health of many, more industries today such as the food service industry and others are taking active steps to reduce the unnecessary risk that contaminated water can have on an individual’s health by purchasing commercial RO water purifiers for their establishments.

Thus, as one of the full-proof methods for providing clean, healthy and pure drinking water on a large scale, if you have yet not purchased a commercial RO water system for your commercial establishment then it is high time that you do so before it inadvertently affects your brand’s credibility.

Commercial water purification systems designed by Alfaa UV are easy to install and require minimum maintenance services. These water purifiers offer high performance & are built to provide a healthy & safe environment to all. Alfaa UV is known through the spectrum for its high-quality products and timely service response and has installed commercial water purifiers and UV disinfection systems for businesses across PAN India in over 500 locations.

Apart from water purifiers for commercial purposes, Alfaa UV also offers the best water purifier for homes as well as industrial UV water disinfection systems.

Thus, if you are keen on purchasing a water purifier for commercial use then contact us now and we’d be happy to help you.


The two stage Alfaa Water Purification system has been installed in each of our 25 buildings and provides bothe filteration and UV steriliztion to the water. The water also been physically and microbially checked as per the IS standards and found to be conforming to them.

Mangesh Puranik, Lodha

The UV system is working well since installation and the results are satisfactory also their services are satisfactory.

Vijay Sharma, The Resort (Madh-Marve)

We are pleased to confirm that we are satisfied with the performance of the Alfaa UV and the after sales service.

Ramesh Iyer, Peninsula Land Limited

We have been using Alfaa Water Purifiersat our sites since last 4 years. So far we have not received any complaints from our customers.


Our customers have found the working of Alfaa Water Purifier very good and the after sales service offered has been very prompt and efficient

C. Shivkumar, Mahindra Lifespaces

We have been using Alfaa Water Purification Systems in our pan India stores. We are satisfied with the performance and the after sales services support offered is quick and efficient

Prakash Mujumdar, Aditya Birla Retail Limited

W have installed Alfaa Water Purification Systems at all the 1273 residential flats of our prestigious LAKE TOWN project in Bibwewadi, Pune. We are happy with the product performance and the after sales services, which is satisfactory.


We are using Alfaa Water Purifiers for the last few years and are completely satisfied with its performance and after sales service

R. Anklesaria, Copper Chimney Restaurants

We certify that we are using Alfaa Water Purifiers for our hospital and the same are found to be working satisfactorily, We are also satisfied with their quality of after sales service

R. Prasad, Hinduja Hospitals

Alfaa Water purifiers at our bank's residential premises at Mumbai are working satisfactorily.

Sanjeev Mehra, CitiBank

Restaurants and Food Services

Schools and Educational Institutions

Office and IT Parks

Builders and Developers

Builders & Developers

Today, water purification is  an essential  part of residential projects where buyers demand quality construction and standard products & services  as amenities.  While builders & developers want to offer the best, escalating project costs need attention.

Alfaa UV understands this perspective and offers water purification solutions that appeal to both buyer and developer.

Point Of Use Purification Systems

Water Purifiers as a standard amenity fitted in every  kitchen, offer pure drinking water at the point of use. Alfaa’s  Sparkle and Dewdrop RO  are favorite models to choose from. Where TDS (total dissolved solids) levels in water are low and the source of water is primarily treated municipal water, Sparkle and Dewdrop RO are suitable for disinfection. Where water is from underground sources, supplied by tankers and high in TDS,  Dewdrop RO is useful and  often necessary.

Point of Entry Purification System

To supply purified water in all taps, making it a fully pure home,  or to keeps costs low while offering purified water in the kitchen faucet alone, Alfaa’s Centralized Purification systems are the ideal choice. Skid mounted, easy to install and maintain, with a plug in, plug out design this solution is an easy and affordable option.

Wastewater Disinfection & Reuse

With water shortages  on the rise, and the cost of fresh water escalating , builders must look at options to treat wastewater.  Sewage Treatment plants have become mandatory, and wastewater treated by the STP  is then disinfected with chlorine to reuse for flushing and gardening.  Alfaa UV  offers the  WWR Series to the Developer community  to eliminate  or minimize the use of chlorine, making disinfection easy, safe, chemical free and more cost effective as compared to chlorine.



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Shopping Malls & Retail Outlets

Shopping Malls & Retail Outlets

Shopping malls and retail chains are popular places to shop and browse. A mall’s success is pretty much dependant on the customers’ shopping experience along with the variety of products available in the mall. As similar products are available at most retail chains at standardized prices, it is crucial to give the best shopping experience to the customer.

Considering the rule ‘customer is king’, many retailers try to provide good facilities to the customers. Proper facility management, hygienic food courts, well maintained and clean restrooms, and a good HVAC system are some ways that one mall can distinguish itself from another. In crowded malls, poor air ventilation or Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) can affect the shopping experience, leaving the shopper with an unexplained headache. In such situations, Alfaa’s UltraHVAC Air UV Disinfection Systems provide sterilized air to create a comfortable and safe environment for shoppers.

Providing pure and healthy drinking water is a way to enhance customer experience in malls and saves the customer from buying expensive bottled water. Depending on the water quality , Alfaa provides solutions by offering UV, RO and / or water softening technology as required. The result: pure and safe drinking water to thousands of happy shoppers.



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