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Ground water (water for bore wells, tube wells) typically has high TDS unlike surface waters  (water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ponds), which have low TDS but may contain suspended and microbiological impurities. Ground water with high TDS can be effectively treated with an RO system while surface waters can use a well-designed 3 stage UV system for effective purification.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): TDS is composed of inorganic salts & small amounts of organic substances which are dissolved in water. For example, excess of calcium and magnesium salts in water make it hard.

Safe levels of TDS for human body is under 500 PPM(this can be checked with a simple TDS meter). If TDS is above 500 PPM, then there is a need to use RO technology to bring the levels down, to safer levels. High levels of TDS over prolonged periods (several years)may create health problems such as gall bladder

and kidney stones. On the contrary, it’s important to know that drinking water devoid of any TDS and mineral content is also harmful to the body and creates health issues in the long run.

Dewdrop 7 Stage RO Water Purifier With BIOGUARD

  • Unique 7 Stage RO with SS UV+BIOGUARD + TDS Control.
  • Counter top & Wall mount Design.
  • Automatic membrane ‘Flush & Wash’ facility.
  • Unique ‘Bioguard’ Protection to prevent tank recontamination.
  • Removes hardness, heavy metal contaminants, pesticides & micro organisms from water.
  • Free water test, demonstration & installation offered.

Product Specification

Model Alfaa Dewdrop 15 LPHRO with SSUV + BIOGUARD
Type on-Line Fully Autometic Counter Top/Wall mount 7-Stage RO purifire with Flush & Wash facility & TDS control
Storage Tank Capacity 8 litres
Production Capacity 15 litre/hour
Duty Cycle 5 Hours or 75 LPD
% Recovery 25-30%
Dimension (WxDxH) 300mmx250mmx410mm
Power 24 Watts
Minimum Pressure 0.2Kg/cm2
Max Pressure 4Kg/cm2
% reduction in TDS 90-95%
Operating Voltage 170-230 VAC 50Hz
Maximum TDS in Input Water subject to hardness being less than 440ppm 1500ppm
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