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Amidst growing water stress, many countries struggle to provide their people with enough clean water thanks to a combination of rapidly expanding populations and the climate emergency. One way to reduce the load on freshwater appears to be wastewater reuse for which treatment processes cover primary, secondary and tertiary treatment, in which disinfection is recommended to meet stringent norms for reuse of wastewater set by regulating agencies. This treated used water is then safely used for applications including horticulture, gardening, toilet flushing, car washing etc.

Centralised sewage treatment plants operated by civic bodies, or decentralized waste water treatment done at the point of collection do well with UV treatment in the tertiary stage to bring microbiological contamination to acceptable levels for reuse. Advantages of using UV over other disinfectants such as ozone and chlorine include excellent performance, easy handling, environmental safety, and lower operating costs.

In the case of reuse of process water in industries, UV combined with other technologies can result in successful tertiary treatment to remove colours, odours and microbiological contamination so that water can be reused in the manufacturing process, and in other applications such as gardening, flushing and cooling towers.

Alfaa has significantly contributed to water conservation by installing more than xxxxx WWW UV systems in sewage treatment plants to make water safe for reuse.

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