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Food Processing Industry Water Disinfection System


Water is used in the entire food production process and as such, the quality of the water disinfection system for food production plays a vital role. In the food processing industry, the quality of water is given high importance as it decides the taste, colour, and odour of the product. Water also plays an important role in determining the shelf life of the product.

Bacterial presence in the water, used in the process of manufacture, can cause damage to perishable products, and can significantly decrease their shelf life while posing grave health risks. By using advanced UV disinfection systems for food processing industry, you’d be able to effectively combat this risk. Besides this, water used for washing of raw foods (in circulation loops) can also be disinfected and recycled after treating with UV to provide optimum safety, and to bring down costs of freshwater.

Products like ice-cream need to maintain their standard taste everywhere. Besides using standard ingredients, standardized quality of water also plays an important role. Thus, with Alfaa UV disinfection systems, you’d be able to achieve that standard water quality, as per specifications laid down by the FDA.

Food and Beverage Water Disinfection System

Food and Beverage is a vast & diverse industry, and the products include bottled water, carbonated & non-carbonated beverages, and juicing processors. When it comes to Food & Beverage Industry water disinfection systems, Ultraviolet technology is successfully used in these industries for disinfection and removing of pathogen and microorganisms. The common application for UV is disinfection, but the technology is also used for TOC reduction, ozone destruction and chlorine/chloramine destruction.

All UV Sciences Inc products are designed and built to meet the stringent needs of the Food and Beverage industry. All our products have Ra-15 contact finish, which gives them stain and bacteria-resistant surfaces. All our products can operate at high temperature and high pressure. These standard features are often necessary but are offered as options by our competitors. Also, our Food & Beverage water disinfection systems are compact and energy-efficient. We also offer the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Advantages of UV for Food & Beverage Applications:

  • Disinfecting UV does not create residuals or by-products.
  • UV effectively inactivates virtually all microorganisms.
  • UV does not affect taste, smell, or pH of food and beverages.

Water Treatment System in the Food & Beverage Industry – Typical Applications :

  • Bottle drinking water.
  • Soft drinks, energy drinks, flavoured drinks.
  • Rinse water for fruits & veggies, meats & seafood.
  • Rinse water for containers, such as kegs and crates.
  • Process water, Cooling water, and Discharge water.
  • Concentrates for juice and tea.
  • Liquid Sweeteners, such as corn syrup.
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