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Water Purification Solutions for Builders and Developers


Today, water purification is an essential part of residential projects where buyers demand quality construction and standard products & services as amenities. While builders & developers want to offer the best, escalating project costs need attention.

Alfaa UV understands this perspective and offers water purification solutions that appeal to both buyer and developer.

Standalone Water Purifiers (Point of Use Purification systems)

Water Purifiers as a standard amenity fitted in every kitchen, offer pure drinking water at the point of use. Alfaa’s Sparkle and Dewdrop RO are favorite models to choose from. Where TDS (total dissolved solids) levels in water are low and the source of water is primarily treated municipal water, Sparkle and Dewdrop RO are suitable for disinfection. Where water is from underground sources, supplied by tankers and high in TDS, Dewdrop RO is useful and often necessary.

Centralized Drinking Water Systems ( Point of Entry Purification systems)

To supply purified water in all taps, making it a fully pure home, or to keeps costs low while offering purified water in the kitchen faucet alone, Alfaa’s Centralized Purification systems are the ideal choice. Skid mounted, easy to install and maintain, with a plug in, plug out design this solution is an easy and affordable option.

Waste Water Disinfection & Reuse

With water shortages on the rise, and the cost of fresh water escalating , builders must look at options to treat wastewater. Sewage Treatment plants have become mandatory, and wastewater treated by the STP is then disinfected with chlorine to reuse for flushing and gardening. Alfaa UV offers the WWR Series to the Developer community to eliminate or minimize the use of chlorine, making disinfection easy, safe, chemical free and more cost

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