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Hospitals and educational institutes are places where a large number of people visit regularly. Chances of cross contamination are also high at these places, especially in hospitals where infections are high. Developing and maintaining a hygienic environment is very important for the health of many. Hospital acquired infections (HAI) can be a significant cost for the healthcare industry and is considered a preventable injury.

High chances of infection in hospitals and educational institutes are through air, water and surface contamination. Alfaa UV’s UltraHVAC Air Disinfection Systems help prevent airborne contamination and HVAC surface contamination.

Based on the water quality, Alfaa’s UV water purification systems destroy microorganisms from water to prevent water-borne diseases such as Typhoid, Gastro and Hepatitis. In cases where the dissolved impurities are high, Alfaa’s RO water purification systems eliminate chemicals, and dissolved impurities in water.

A hygienic environment can help to:

  • Avoid cross contamination of dangerous pathogens through air, especially in Hospitals
  • Decrease absenteeism in schools and colleges
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