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UV Disinfection System for Water Treatment

Posted on June 12, 2017 UV Disinfection System for Water Treatment

What is UV Disinfection System and How Does it Work?

UV Disinfection System is an extremely effective way to combat microbial contamination in water. However, microbes have to be exposed to UV-C light in the proper amount in order to effectively disinfect the water. UV Disinfection Systems are used in many different applications ranging from the purification of drinking water in individual homes to disinfecting water supply of entire townships. UV treatment for water is recognized as the safer and more cost-effective way to disinfect water for industrial applications

UV Disinfection System for water treatment
Industrial Water Treatment

UV sanitization is useful in almost any application where microbial free, safe and pure water is required; and where there is a chance of the water being contaminated before it reaches the final point of use.

How Does UV Disinfection System Work?

UV light disinfects by penetrating microorganisms and destroying their DNA. DNA plays an important role in organisms’ functions and reproduction hence destroying the DNA prevents the organism from being active and multiplying. This UV energy (wavelength of 240-280 nm) is also naturally found in sunlight in very small quantities. The same energy is produced in stronger intensities with help of high mercury discharge lamps, commonly known as UV lamps.

UV Disinfection System
UV Disinfection System


No bacteria, viruses, molds or their spores can survive when exposed to the correct dose of UV light. Therefore UV is considered as the best solution for water sterilization.

Industrial Applications of UV Disinfection System

Ultraviolet disinfection system is not simply a lamp inside a pipe. The UV Reactor must be designed to ensure that all microbes receive sufficient exposure to the UV light (dose).Based on the hydraulic properties of water; the reactor needs to be optimized to guide the flow in a manner so as to maximize residence time and boost turbulence. Well designed UV systems are producing consistently exceptional results in the industrial applications

Few Examples :

    • Food and Beverage – UV disinfection system can help to achieve quality of water as per specifications laid down by the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration )
    • Bio- Pharmaceutical – Water used in Pharmaceutical and healthcare products and for CIP (Cleaning in Place) must be free of chemicals like chlorine, ozone, and pathogens. Most pharmaceutical companies depend on UV systems for water disinfection.
    • Cosmetics – Water that is free of microorganisms and toxins ensure quality and enhance the shelf life of cosmetics. UV Sterilization is the preferred choice for the cosmetic industry across the globe.
    • Centralized Drinking Water – A UV system is an easy, affordable solution to ensure pure water in each and every tap of your home or office.
    • Waste Water Disinfection and Reuse – To combat the problems of water scarcity and rising cost of fresh water, UV Disinfection can help by treating the waste water in the tertiary stage. UV systems that are specially designed for wastewater can thus disinfect wastewater so that the water can be reused for secondary purposes such as flushing and gardening.
    • Swimming Pools – Traditionally, chlorine has been in use to ensure clean water in swimming pools. However, it is increasingly being known that with chemical disinfection, chemical reacts with many other organic matters to form hundreds of new chemicals which are harmful. While UV is recognized as safer and more cost effective way to disinfect swimming pools.

Benefits of UV Disinfection System

Natural – UV is nature’s way of purification.

Environmentally Friendly – No Toxic by-products are formed during UV disinfection process

Effective – All known microorganisms are susceptible to UV light

Economical – Lowest operating cost amongst disinfection systems

Safe& Chemical Free – No addition of chemicals hence no danger of overdosing

Fast – It is In-contact purification therefore Instant

Easy to Manage – Well designed systems like the Alfaa UV systems come with many advanced features like CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), high-efficiency electronic ballasts, and extremely precise UV intensity monitors which make them highly effective and hence easy to manage.

Does a UV  Disinfection System need periodic maintenance?

There can be some cases where the water is not adequately pre-treated and turbidity levels are low.  In such cases, routine inspection and cleaning can be carried out every 6 months. In the case of high turbidity and hardness, the cleaning frequency might need to be increased. Finally, the UV lamp has a limited life and must be replaced once it is exhausted. In the unlikely event of premature failure of the lamp, the monitoring circuit will provide the signal to advise replacement.

Comparison of UV Disinfection System, Chlorination and Ozonation.

Ultra VioletChlorinationOzonation
Capital CostLowLowestHigh
Operating CostLowestLowHigh
Ease of InstallationExcellentGoodComplex
Ease of MaintenanceExcellentGoodPoor
Contact Time Required<10 seconds20-30 minutes10-20 minutes



Blog By:- Alfaa UV. Alfaa UV is the market leader for UV disinfection system in India with thousands of installations for various industries and applications.

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