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In the microelectronics sector, ultrapure water is required almost at every step in the manufacturing process. Various water treatment technologies are used to remove contaminants, microorganisms, minerals and even minor traces of even the tiniest organic or inorganic substances which can substantially degrade the quality of the finished good. High-quality, pure water is necessary in microelectronics since they deal with goods that supply electrical conductivity in order to prevent any unwanted effects on the internal parts. A popular option for this is UV technology because it kills hazardous germs without changing the qualities of the water. Without the use of chemicals, UV is a tried-and-true, safe form of disinfection.

We at Alfaa UV are aware of the difficulties in designing and building a microelectronics production system, and we have the know-how to assist with how to integrate with current systems and guarantee optimal performance using UV technology to produce TOC free water.

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