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More than 50% of the seafood consumed worldwide now comes from the aquaculture business, and this percentage is rising. In order to meet the rising demand for fish, more and more fish farms are being constructed worldwide in an effort to prevent overfishing. Due to the scarcity of water from natural sources, more fish hatcheries are installing advanced technology to improve water quality and balance water needs. Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, sometimes known as “RAS,” are used in fish farms to reduce costs, water use, and energy use. The introduction of recirculating water systems is being considered by fish hatcheries and other facilities for fish rearing as a strategy to increase the quality of their source water and compensate for quantity losses Because the water is circulated, it needs to be filtered to remove the fish waste.

The use of ultraviolet light in various aquaculture applications, like as hatcheries, can clean water and reduce threats to water sources. A UV disinfection system is the most chemical-free and environmentally friendly approach to do this. Water sanitation is also crucial for healthy fish.

As a pioneer and industry leader in designing UV systems for the aquaculture industry we at Alfaa UV strive to safeguard fish production from contamination in a variety of climates.

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