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Sparkle Storage Series - Smart Water Purifier

Sparkle Storage UV Series - Smart Water Purifier is the latest offering from Alfaa UV with many smart features. Sparkle Plus and Sprkle Smart come with 5 stage purification. Many features like Tru Guard voltage regulator, Energy saver stand by mode, PureSense Controller UV life indicator, Carbon life indicator and Bioguard which prevents tank contamination make sparkle the smart water purifier for your home.

  • 5 Step Purification

    5 Step Purification

  • Chemical Free Purity

    Chemical Free Purity

  • Tru Guard Voltage Stabilizer

    Tru Guard Voltage Stabilizer

  • Energy SaverStandby Mode

    Energy SaverStandby Mode

  • Hygenic Stainless Steel purification chamber

    Hygenic Stainless Steel purification chamber

  • Water Quality Association of India
  • Water Quality Associtation
  • GBAI
  • ISI : 14724

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India’s Best UV water Purifier

Alfaa UV has been granted the esteemed UNESCO Water Digest Award 2014-15 in the category “Best Domestic UV Water Purifier”, for its Smart Water Purifier

Purity Assured
Ultra Violet technology an environmentally friendly, chemical free and worldwide time tested method of purifying drinking water and has been used for more than 100 years. Alfaa UV, leaders in UV Purification, now presents the new Smart Water Purifier – Sparkle Storage Series, a 5 stage purification system for your home. Sparkle Smart Water Purifier comes with super packed smart featured for all your need and benefits. To give your family assured purity , without losing precious minerals or wasting water.

5 Step Purification Process:

5 Step Purification Process:
  • 1

    INLINE FILTER removes large physical impurities in water

  • 2

    SEDIMENT FILTER removes suspended impurities which are invisible to naked eyes

  • 3

    CARBON FILTER adsorbs organic impurities

  • 4

    MICRO FILTER for more protection

  • 5

    UV PURIFICATION eliminates microbiological impurities like bacteria & viruses

Service Guaranteed

All water purifiers, regardless of the technology being used, should be cleaned frequently and consumable parts like the cartridges, UV lamps, membranes, batteries, bulbs etc. replaced periodically. Unless well maintained, the quality of water from the purifier may not meet desired levels. Alfaa, over 18 years, has won the confidence and trust of users by living up to its promises of timely and dependable after sales service.  Service in select cities

Features & Benefits

Features & BenefitsSparkle PlusSparkle Smart
On-Line UV with 8 litre storage facilityYesYes
ISI Marked ProductYesYes
Dual Process Filtraction for High performanceYesYes
Stainless Steel Purification chamber for safety & hygieneYesYes
Flosteer Technology for total purificationYesYes
Flowrate 2 litres/minuteYesYes
Eletronic Boiling & MonitoringYesYes
Inbuilt tru Guard voltage ConveininceYesYes
Wall mountable & Countertop optionYesYes
Dual Process Filtration for High performanceYesYes
5 Step purity processYesYes
Fully automatic operation with auto -tart and auto-offYesYes
Bioguard to prevent tank contaminationYes
Energy Saver Standby Mode for extended UV lamp lifeYes
Futuristic PureSense Controller (PSC) to Continuously scan purityYes
Carbon life indicator with pre alertYes
UV lamp life indicator with pre alertlifeYes

Sparkle Smart Storage UV series is the latest offering from Alfaa. Ultra violet (UV) technology a natural, chemical free and time tested method of purifying water and has been used worldwide for over 100 years. Alfaa UV, leaders in UV technology, now introduces the new Sparkle Smart Storage series with 8 litre storage, a 5 step water purification system for your home. Sparkle Smart series come with super packed featured and benefits yo give your family assured purity, without losing precious minerals or wasting water. Exclusive features include 5 stage purification process, stainless steel purification chamber and flowsteer technology for foolproof purification. Sparkle Smart can purify water for TDS levels max upto 500 PPM. Sparkle Smart is ideal for usage with loft tanks/ low water pressurs conditions. Installation & service is currently available in selected cites only. Please find service areas for residential.

  • India’s only purifier with 5 step purification process
  • Ideal for usage with loft tank/ low water pressure conditions
  • Exclusive stainless steel purification chamber
  • Inbuilt kitchen timer for added convenience
  • Flow-rate of 2 L/Min(Online)
  • FlowSteer technology for foolproof purification
  • Ideal For Loft Tank/ Low Water Pressure Conditions
  • Stainless Steel Purification Chamber For Safety And Hygiene
  • Inbuilt kitchen timer for added convenience
  • Dimensions (H x L x D): 350 x 240 x 142
  • Operating Voltage: 17 – 265 VAC
  • UV Lamp: 8 W
  • Power Consumption: 25 W +/- 10% for ewater EX, ewater LX and 15 W +/- 10% for ewater Standard
  • Water Pressure: 0.3(Min) to 2.8(Max) KG/CM2
  • Input water iron: 0.3 PPM (Max)
  • Input Water TDS idea upto: 500 PPM
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